A site dedicated to those who grew up in the old Washington Heights neighborhood. This site is an ongoing project and it is created by submissions from people who want to preserve the memories of old Washington Heights. Please feel free to submit your scanned photos and memories to: oldwashingtonheights@yahoo.com

A 1932 Nehring Brothers ad for Washington Heights Apartments

Mark Veasey Wilmington, Delaware

Wonderful website! I was born at Columbia Presbyterian in 1964 and raised on 160th & Broadway. The neighborhood was largely Dominican when I was there. I can still hear the congas and cow bells at night. Old men playing dominos on the corner. Playing handball down at the river. I went to school at Horace Mann in Riverdale. I love Washington Heights. Whenever I visit NYC I always stop by the old apartment building just to look around. We are so lucky to have been raised in this diverse environment! markveasey@comcast.net

Dr. Richard Silbertstein
Here's a class picture from JHS 115 (9SP2 1955)



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  2. I attended that school from December 1951 to June 1954. I remember Margaret Eversley.